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As one of the world’s largest and most active venture capital firms, NEA has developed deep domain expertise and insight into our industries of focus. We channel that knowledge into every technology and healthcare investment we make -- at any stage, in any location, around the globe. Across our portfolio, visionary entrepreneurs are at the helm of current and future industry leaders, fueling the development of technologies that will keep the U.S. at the forefront of innovation. Some of the most successful business leaders in each of these industries have joined forces with NEA as Venture Partners, bringing tremendous sector insight and deep networks.

Technology is at the core of everything we do. Across all sectors of focus, we view technological innovation as a linchpin in solving some of today's biggest problems and improving the way we live, work and play. Our partnerships with leading technology entrepreneurs and executives have led to some of the industry’s most disruptive technologies and successful businesses. With NEA as a partner, entrepreneurs benefit from our extensive network—our hard-won reputation helps companies recruit outstanding management teams, generate additional capital and attract new investors.

We apply our experience in building great companies to meet the growing need for improved healthcare products and services, resulting in breakthrough therapies and technologies that have transformed the healthcare industry. Our portfolio includes innovative businesses at all stages of development, from startups with novel approaches to developing specialty medicines to established leaders expanding into new markets.

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  •  nileshsompura: 
    I am in talk with various Innovative Design APPROVING AUTHORITIES and pvt Ship Design Engg and Naval Architects.In 1st Phase i will be looking seed fund @Rs 50L to 01Cr.Thanks.
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  •  ravishinex: 
    I need funding for startup at later stage. I will contact you sir. Thank you. (Me:I am an inventor & couples of patent pending.)
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