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ICICI Venture is a specialist alternative assets manager based in India. The firm is a wholly owned subsidiary of ICICI Bank (, the largest private sector financial services group in India. ICICI Venture has been at the forefront of driving entrepreneurship in India for over two decades, both as a partner and capital provider for individuals with a clear common objective, the passion to pursue business ideas in the quest for creating value for all stakeholders and for the larger good of the nation. Till date, various funds managed by the firm have invested in over 500 companies. ICICI Venture continues to remain committed to this mission.

The firm has played a key role in establishing the foundation for several new age businesses in India, by providing growth capital funding to companies in sectors as diverse as Information Technology, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Banking & Financial Services, Infrastructure, Retail, Aviation, Auto Components, Construction services, Real Estate, Biotechnology, Textiles, Fine Chemicals, Consumer Products, Logistics, etc. The firm played a pioneering role in the Indian Venture Capital industry during the 1990s but shifted focus to other alternative asset classes during the past decade in line with the evolution of Indian industry. Across sectors, the firm has helped in establishing several new business models to enable productivity improvements, technology upgradation and import substitution as a means of enhancing the competitive advantage of Indian industry in a rapidly changing global market environment.

The firm is widely regarded as a prime mover in the Indian alternative assets industry, having established a successful track record of investing and nurturing companies across economic cycles and across various classes of alternative assets such as Private Equity, Real Estate and Mezzanine Finance, with Infrastructure & Special Situations  being the latest additions to its spectrum of activities. Going forward, the firm continues to explore new avenues within the alternative assets industry as a means of addressing funding requirements of Indian entrepreneurs and also as a means of offering a comprehensive alternative asset management platform to long term investors who are interested in participating in India's economic development.

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  •  nileshsompura: 
    I am in talk with various Innovative Design APPROVING AUTHORITIES and pvt Ship Design Engg and Naval Architects.In 1st Phase i will be looking seed fund @Rs 50L to 01Cr.Thanks.
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  •  ravishinex: 
    I need funding for startup at later stage. I will contact you sir. Thank you. (Me:I am an inventor & couples of patent pending.)
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