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The Fund proposes to make early stage, as well as early growth investments, in companies focused on the nascent mobile, internet and electronic payment markets in India. We believe that these markets are at an inflection point of growth and will benefit tremendously from a favourable young demographic, rapid consumerization and increasing penetration of always-on internet. The Fund would be managed by an experienced Indian team and is supported by the Patni Family, promoters of a top 5 Indian IT company who are the anchor investors in the Fund. While the market is rapidly growing there is still a stark absence of institutional venture funds writing the first cheque into promising young companies. Our strategy is to bridge this gap and write the first cheque to best-in-class entrepreneurs, addressing large opportunities with unique products and great business models. Our team’s experience in the internet and IT ecosystems in India positions us strongly to add value to investee companies in terms of strategy, team build-out, future financing and exit. We expect to invest in companies across e-Commerce, Online Travel, Online Advertising and Marketing, Mobile and Digital Content, Electronic Payments and other interesting areas that leverage internet for scale, distribution or low cost customer acquisition. While the Fund’s focus is clearly early-stage companies, we also expect to make few investments in companies that have established business models, demonstrated market presence and are widely perceived to be among the winners in their industry.

Nirvana’s investment philosophy is focused around being an early investor in internet, mobile and network companies in India, that are riding the boom in the digitization of the Indian economy. Ideally, we like to be the first institutional investors, early enough in the lifecycle of the company to help make a meaningful contribution to the outcome of these companies. As we take the risk of investing early, we look to back opportunities that could provide us outsized returns. Our investment decisions focus on the entrepreneurs we invest in and the dynamics of the industry that they operate in. Markets that excite us have the potential for strong long-term growth. We look for competent entrepreneurs who either have a compelling consumer insight or expertise into an industry that creates a competitive edge. Ideally, these entrepreneurs will also have experience in building strong teams. We spend time with companies early in their life cycle providing help around business strategy, team, and financing, as appropriate. The blend of investing and operating experience of our team, positions us well to add value to our portfolio companies and thereby investors of choice for quality teams in India.

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    Hi, We are the largest stand up comedy platform in the country. Comedy Munch is a mobile video platform and destination for amateur comics to publish, monetize and distribute the content, operationally break even, looking to raise funds to scale the business. Looking for 1.5 cr INR. Please reach at
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    I need funding for startup at later stage. I will contact you sir. Thank you. (Me:I am an inventor & couples of patent pending.)
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