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India Innovation Fund is a SEBI registered venture capital fund that invests in innovation led, early stage Indian firms. Our focus areas include Information and Communication Technologies and Life Sciences.

With the objective of maximizing the probability of the success of our portfolio companies, the fund has been structured around a collaborative web of stakeholders. We seek to leverage the advantages of an association with our promoters, NASSCOM and IKP Knowledge Park, and our Investors, most of whom are leading companies in the areas that we are investing in.

The promoters, the investors, fund team, Investment committee and other partners, bring to the fund, with each of their networks, an enhanced ability to source and evaluate deals, provide market access, fund syndication capability and deep mentoring expertise to the entrepreneur.

The India Innovation Fund has been promoted by NASSCOM and IKP Knowledge Park. While NASSCOM is reputed as the face of the highly successful Indian information technology industry, IKP Knowledge Park is recognized as one of India's leading biotech facilities.

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  •  AnujSehgal: 
    Hi, We are the largest stand up comedy platform in the country. Comedy Munch is a mobile video platform and destination for amateur comics to publish, monetize and distribute the content, operationally break even, looking to raise funds to scale the business. Looking for 1.5 cr INR. Please reach at
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  •  nileshsompura: 
    I am in talk with various Innovative Design APPROVING AUTHORITIES and pvt Ship Design Engg and Naval Architects.In 1st Phase i will be looking seed fund @Rs 50L to 01Cr.Thanks.
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  •  ravishinex: 
    I need funding for startup at later stage. I will contact you sir. Thank you. (Me:I am an inventor & couples of patent pending.)
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