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Canaan Partners is a global venture capital firm that invests in people with visionary ideas. The kind that not only result in new and valuable technology, but game-changing healthcare startups as well. We were early investors in some of the world's leading technology companies, including PrimeSense, SuccessFactors and LendingClub and healthcare stars like Cerexa, Chimerix and Advanced BioHealing. All of which makes one thing perfectly clear. When people are your priority, good things happen.

When it comes to supporting the entrepreneurial spirit, there's a time to be cautious and there's a time to be, well, not so cautious. Because if there's one thing we've come to believe, it's this: You can't change the world by always saying "no." Which is why, for more than 25 years, Canaan Partners has been working with entrepreneurs in the technology and healthcare fields to achieve one simple goal: Improve the way we live our lives.

Step one is to forge a meaningful relationship. A tall order, to be sure, but one we've become quite adept at achieving. (Let's just say we're in touch with our inner matchmaker.) And while our approach may be somewhat unconventional, there's no denying the results. In fact, such startups as Virsto, Kabam, and Advanced BioHealing were all brought to life with a little Canaan-style care and seeding.

In short, we'll do whatever it takes to bring your vision to life – even if we're just early investors. We'll become involved at the board level to offer meaningful connections and experience. We'll lend a hand with team building, strategy, and customer expansion. We'll even brag about you to our friends and loved ones. And because it's a collaborative partnership, you'll have access to our entire team as you need it. It's your vision. We just want to make it a success.


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  •  AnujSehgal: 
    Hi, We are the largest stand up comedy platform in the country. Comedy Munch is a mobile video platform and destination for amateur comics to publish, monetize and distribute the content, operationally break even, looking to raise funds to scale the business. Looking for 1.5 cr INR. Please reach at
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  •  nileshsompura: 
    I am in talk with various Innovative Design APPROVING AUTHORITIES and pvt Ship Design Engg and Naval Architects.In 1st Phase i will be looking seed fund @Rs 50L to 01Cr.Thanks.
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  •  ravishinex: 
    I need funding for startup at later stage. I will contact you sir. Thank you. (Me:I am an inventor & couples of patent pending.)
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