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Rajkot, July 26,2016.


PureJoy; as the name suggests has recently launched its new line of 'Cold Pressed Juices' products that makes fresh fruits & vegetables based blended juice using a unique cold pressing method that ensures maximum nutrition extraction and Fresh Salads, Subs & Wraps in the Indian market. 

The company has started offering been offering delivery of these products through a subscription service as well as takes orders on phone. They are working on developing web and mobile platform for online order fulfillment and are expected to roll it by November.



Company's spokesperson Chetan Tilala stated; "Our focus for the next six months is to develop products and keep working on enhancement of our in-store and delivery services. We have been working along with all our customers and getting feedback regarding their choices and preferences for these Good and Healthy foods".


The concept of offering healthy food is in a nascent stage in India and is bound to increase in next few years.

Talking in detail about Cold Pressed Juices, Anand Chauhan; the founder of company mentioned; 'Cold Pressed Juicing is still a niche segment product and will grow under a delivery model as well as modern retail model as these juices are made raw and does not contain any preservative the shelf life will be limited to 72 hours under the refrigeration'.

the company has been creating quite a good buzz in social media circuit as well as have worked with radio channel and city municipality for events.

We look forward to see more of their products and services and hope to try them out during our next meeting.


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