Having worked with many entrepreneurs over the span of 10 years during my career and have been into the entrepreneur journey since 2006 I am always eager to be a part of communities, events and organizations that offers these types of platforms.

One such event; “Startup Weekend Rajkot” was being hosted by Glocal Co-working Space team, operated by Nisha Kotecha ( and Jatin Kataria ( at Rajkot. This duo has brought many such events at Rajkot to help grow the entrepreneur community in Saurashtra region.

The venue was offered by RK University, Rajkot. The management team of Mr. Nilesh Kalani, Mr. Mohit Patel and Mr. Denish Patel who played the role of perfect Hosts, Mentors and Judge at the event.

I immediately signed up for this as I knew what I could expect from ‘Startup Weekend’. It is a 54 hours event which starts on Friday evening and ends on Sunday evening. This event brings entrepreneurs from different walks of life onto one single roof and let them collaborate, ideate and execute a business model within 54 hours.


The event was facilitated by Anurag Maloo from Techstars (


Friday – Registrations, Orientation, Team Building, Fun Begins.

Startup Weekend Rajkot – brought together 65+ entrepreneurs from Rajkot, Gandhinagar and a couple of people all the way from Delhi to participate in one of a kind event for a city like Rajkot. The idea pitching started soon after the event started a 6:00 PM and after dinner time 12 ideas were selected from 39 entries and the team started forming. By midnight the teams were working on ideas and came up with plans by morning.


Saturday  - Learning Day, Mentor’s Day, Ideas shaping into business models.

Saturday was even more exciting. This was the day where mentors would come in and assist the teams with refining their business plans and help them with resources to make it a success. What a day it was; surrounded with a high energy individuals who are being motivated by mentors and are given tasks to help them bring out the best in them.

The teams were working till wee hours. There was hardly any rest, but the energy levels were shooting through the roof.


Sunday – Finale, Pitch Day, Celebrations, Wrap Up.

By Sunday morning the teams had really bonded well and I could feel the competitive environment building up. Both Anurag and Mohit were listening to mock pitches from the team and were helping them to prepare for the best for the evening showdown.

The main event started at 5:00 pm. All the fear, all the hesitance had been left far behind. These entrepreneurs were ready to face the stage. The pitch session was awesome. No matter who won the event, everyone was a winner.

 Highlight of the event:

  • Jatin Kataria, playing a perfect organizer. I guess he didn’t sleep for the entire 54 hours. Helped, supported and motivated everyone.
  • A 13-year-old entrepreneur pitching to the judges with her business plan with great confidence.
  • Anurag Maloo, showing how a business can be initiated with a collaborative approach.


- Anand Chauhan Tweet Me

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