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Startup Weekend Rajkot – brought together 65+ entrepreneurs from Rajkot, Gandhinagar and a couple of people all the way from delhi to participate in one of a kind event for a city like Rajkot. The idea pitching started soon after the event started a 6:00 PM and after dinner time 12 ideas were selected from 39 entries and the team started forming. By midnight the teams were working on ideas and came up with plans by morning.
A business can be started with an Idea, an opportunity, a demand or simply a product or service that makes doing things easier. There are literally thousands of such ideas that can be converted into a business and all you need is to understand and implement these basic steps before you jump into your venture.
We have a compiled a list of co-working spaces in Mumbai that you must check out if you love collaborative working environment.
PureJoy; as the name suggests has recently launched its new line of 'Cold Pressed Juices' products and Fresh Salads, Subs & Wraps in the Indian market.