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I am currently doing BE-TECH Computer Science Engineering 3rd year at BMCE sasthamcotta, kollam,kerala.I have my Startup Company Inride Automotives.This is a Startup company registered as MSME under udhyog aadhar .It is a company based on Automotives that gives a efficient design modification by providing many new features like charging of electronic devices in Car and Bike without any external source of energy And also GPS enabled design with speedometer. We are providing wireless charger for any sorts of external device charging. The charging ports are provided by us with full security. Also we are have designed an Android app that can used as web browser, playing quizzes and games.
The company has designed D-chargers using motors at wheels and at engine motors without using energy from battery provided in normal bikes and car and providing a compactible battery for engine use also.
The energy obtained by rotation of Wheels is transferred using dynamo .This electric current produced can be used directly for charging electronic devices .This charging can done when your vehicle is in off condition /switched off.
The energy is stored in external battery.
So we can use this charger anytime when you have vehicle .Using additional button and portable pin /charger .
For Cars we are taking energy from motors of the vehicle and extending the pivot and rotating the dc motor and more electric current can be produced than tires and that energy can be stored in a power bank or batteries.
There are 2 way charging of the electric current in bike and car 1)By tires 2)by exhaust fans.
And 2 way charging directly from tires or exhaust fans else battery provided for it.
We are additionally Providing a case/design to keep phones , tablets etc with high security and other measures.
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