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What is 'The Startup Hub India' ?

The Startup Hub India is a platform for Entrepreneurs to connect with other Entrepreneurs, Advisers, Consultants, Mentors, Guides, Angel Investors, Incubators, Accelerators & Venture Capital Firms.

This platform helps you connect, collaborate, learn, seek advice and network with fellow members.

We have various City Hubs that conducts regular meetings, presentations, collaborative events, learning sessions, hackathons etc

There are lots of new exciting stuff coming up at The Startup Hub India.

Join us and be a part of this wonderful journey.


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We invite the entrepreneurs to fill the below-mentioned form and let us learn more about your venture. This will help our team to evaluate your business and help you.
Just as CrowdFunding business model utilizes the funds from the crowd to develop and sell its products, CrowdFounding model utilizes the resources and skill-sets of the entrepreneurs to collaborate and develop a sustainable business
PureJoy – Juicery & Eatery, health food café that works under the dine-in, take away and delivery model; established in April 2016 by a serial entrepreneur Anand Chauhan, it has been growing rapidly. The company started with a single location in Rajkot, Gujarat and has three locations in the city now and is now expanding to Ahmedabad, Baroda & Surat.
Startup Weekend Rajkot – brought together 65+ entrepreneurs from Rajkot, Gandhinagar and a couple of people all the way from delhi to participate in one of a kind event for a city like Rajkot. The idea pitching started soon after the event started a 6:00 PM and after dinner time 12 ideas were selected from 39 entries and the team started forming. By midnight the teams were working on ideas and came up with plans by morning.
A business can be started with an Idea, an opportunity, a demand or simply a product or service that makes doing things easier. There are literally thousands of such ideas that can be converted into a business and all you need is to understand and implement these basic steps before you jump into your venture.
We have a compiled a list of co-working spaces in Mumbai that you must check out if you love collaborative working environment.
PureJoy; as the name suggests has recently launched its new line of 'Cold Pressed Juices' products and Fresh Salads, Subs & Wraps in the Indian market.
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Hello Entrepreneurs,

I congratulate you on starting your ventures and welcome you to join 'The Startup Hub India'.

I will be happy to help you succeed through our network of advisers, mentors, and guides through their knowledge, experience and expertise. 

Feel free to use this platform to reach out and build your business network.


Anand Chauhan

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The Startup Hub India project has been assisting 100s of entrepreneurs since the past five years with idea validation, business guidance and helping them connect with appropriate resources, and many more such activities to help the startup ecosystem. Our team at Startup Hub India has decided to welcome entrepreneurs to join in an exclusive, one-on-one session with the founder of The Startup Hub India; Anand Chauhan.
Student Ambassador Program – The Startup Hub India What is it? Our Team at ‘The Startup Hub India’ believes in nurturing talents at very early stages and the best way to connect with them is during their learning stages and Colleges / Universities provide an ideal platform to nourish these talents.

With the coming up of companies like Connecting all India, the dynamics of ‘workplace’ are changing. Such companies offer excellent opportunities to work from home, and earn decent amount of money. Today’s trend is more about flexibility and adaptability,
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